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The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Regimental Association

Joining up

No experience or knowledge is required to join the Royal Yeomanry, as all training is provided by Reservist and Regular Army instructors under a progressive training scheme. All potential recruits require good levels of teamwork and self-motivation, as well as having good health, eyesight and a willingness to become physically fit during their training.


There are some age and nationality restrictions, but broadly speaking you can join if you are a UK or Commonwealth citizen living in the UK and between the ages of 17.5 and 43. The age restriction is higher for some support roles: especially for those with technical skills or for professionally qualified health care professionals. Anyone with prior military experience (whether UK or overseas forces) can usually join at any age subject to health and fitness assessments.


Past experience in cadets, other TA units or Regular service can lead to exemption from some training, and will usually result in the ability to gain advanced courses and promotions at a much faster rate.


Our primary role is formation reconnaissance, and that is primarily what we recruit and train for: Royal Armoured Corp soldiers, with all-round skills able to fight equally well on foot or in armoured vehicles. Our entire Regiment is also trained at a higher level of CBRN defence than many of the Regular Army.


We also have a wide range of support roles, both within Squadron Command and Support Troops, and within Regimental Headquarters, that allow the Royal Yeomanry to fight and train self-sufficiently anywhere in the world.


Our recently formed Regimental Aid Post (our medical arm) is looking for professionals and students from most NHS disciplines, or those with no prior experience who want to become battlefield paramedics. We also need good administrative support to function effectively, as well as qualified mechanics: or those who want to develop their skills in driving and fixing all manner of military vehicle.


We are recruiting now, and would be pleased to hear from you, whatever your interest in the military: life in as varied a unit as the Royal Yeomanry should be able to offer you exactly what you want and more.  Contact us