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The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Regimental Association

Cavalry Memorial Parade,  10th May 2015

The parade was held as usual at the Great War Cavalry Memorial in Hyde Park.  This year the Royal Yeomanry was responsible for providing the route markers and the parade marshall.  The Arnold Branch organised a coach from Nottingham.  The weather was beautiful and the parade was well attended. The Royal Yeomanry organised an official lunch afterwards at the Atheneum, which was splendid as usual.  The coach party also had a good lunch, at Bushey.

The Royal Yeomanry contingent at the Cavalry memorial

Cav.Mem.2015.01 Cav.Mem.2015.02 Cav.Mem.2015.03 Cav.Mem.2015.04 Cav.Mem.2015.05

You may recognise some of these ....