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Royal Yeomanry Guidon Parade, 7th May 2016

The major event during the year was the presentation by the Royal Honorary Colonel, Princess Alexandra, of the new Royal Yeomanry Guidon. This carries a selection of the major battle honours of the former regiments and the Royal Yeomanry honour Iraq 2003. The latter is a unique distinction in that it is the only battle honour awarded to a TA regiment since the Second World War.

Painting by Capt Hugh Beattie

A (SRY) Squadron leading the Regiment to Buckingham Palace

The parade was a great success and a great credit to all involved. Originally planned for Windsor Castle, the venue was switched at the last minute to the gardens of Buckingham Palace due to conflicts with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations at Windsor. This proved to be an inspired choice as there was much more space and, with all the facilities for the summer season of royal garden parties in place, the ability to put on a really grand occasion.


The preparations were hectic, not least all the rehearsals and the need to fit everyone with the correct uniforms. However, all concerned worked extremely hard and the result was a spectacular afternoon which will long be remembered by all that attended.


Guidon.2016.Beattie.painting Guidon.2016.SRY.sqn Guidon.2016.01

The Royal Yeomanry on parade in the Palace gardens

Guidon.2016.02 Guidon.2016.03 Guidon.2016.04 Guidon.2016.05 Guidon.2016.06

A (SRY) Squadron with the SRY Guidon

"March Off, the Guidons"

Capt Grenville Turner of A (SRY) Sqn unfurls the new Guidon

... and marches off

Princess Alexandra inspecting A (SRY) Squadron

Guidon.2016.07 Guidon.2016.08

A (SRY) Squadron marches past

The new RY Guidon