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The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Regimental Association

Normandy,  June 2016

The ceremonies at Bayeux and Tilly were, as always, well attended by local people and visitors.  At Bayeux, our ceremony has become an important commemoration of the liberation of the town on 7th June 1944 and this year, for the first time, we introduced some local participation to the Bayeux ceremony.  The Mayor made an opening speech, the lesson was read in French as well as English, and local schoolchildren provided a choir and laid flowers on the memorials during the ceremony.

At the SRY memorial at Hėlie Farm,

St. Pierre

Normandy.2016.06.Bayeux.Memorial Normandy.2016.04.MayorOfBayeux Normandy.2016.05.Bayeux Normandy.2016.03.Bayeux Normandy.2016.07.St.Pierre.Memorial Normandy.2016.08.Tilly.Memorial

The civilian memorial at Tilly-sur-Seulles

The Mayor of Bayeux and helpers

The children laying flowers on the Memorials

The SRY memorial at Bayeux

Capt Render laying a wreath at Bayeux